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Ceramic Heating Element For Thermostatic Bathtub

The thermostatic bathtub can adjust the water temperature according to individual needs, and the temperature control system keeps the water temperature constant for a long time. The thermostat of the thermostatic bathtub has an automatic protection function. When the water level is not enough or the water temperature is too high, it will automatically cut off the circuit to prevent dry burning and scalding.

Ceramic Heater (Igniter) for Pellet Stove

The ceramic heating tube for igniter is a heating element that quickly heats up through electrical energy and generates high temperature, thereby vaporizing fuel oil and igniting fuel (gas, wood chips). It is mainly used in heaters, heaters, fireplaces, steam generators and other equipment. It has the characteristics of fast heating, high insulation strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, small size and long service life.

Ceramic Heater For Aromatherapy

The new type of aromatherapy lamp adopts a new type of aromatherapy lamp (furnace) with low-power electronic component heating body. At present, the main consumer market is Europe and the United States, and the annual consumption exceeds 100 million. Compared with the traditional electronic heating element, the MCH element is more durable, safe, lightweight, and has better reduction of flavor odor.

Ceramic Heater For Heater

Heater units are used for air heating and air drying. The ceramic heater is pressed into aluminum radiation fin which efficiently dissipates the heat generated at the heater.